Dubsmash peek, lipsync Popular Video Applications

Fever Dubsmash world – mobile device application that trend. Since its launch in November 2014, the application is downloaded to more than 50 million times and its spread in over 90 countries.

Dubsmash, Video Lip Sync application PopularWith Dubsmash, the user can record a scene typical lip synchronization (lip sync). The way it works is simple. Users are presented a number of channels; “Trending”, “Cool”, and “soundboards”.

Users can utilize the channel “Trending” to find a sound clip that trend. The channel “Latest” provides the latest sound clips uploaded by users. On the canal “soundboards”, the user can enter and choose a sound clip they had recorded.

After selecting one sound clip, the camera will be activated automatically and users are welcome to record video.

When the video is ready the user can divide the application to share a message, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Or it could save dubs for distribution to other services, such as YouTube and Instagram Vine.

So what Dubsmash The success key?

Contently mention the workings and simple user interface is key to the success of this application. Because simple, the process of this application to be relatively quick, easy, and fun, and even tend funny.

The celebrities also raised the popularity of this application. The other celebrities who use it, among others, Ben Stiller, Hugh Jackman, Adam Levine, Jennifer Lopez.

Singer Rihanna even specially launched the single “Bitch Better Have My Money” in this application.

So, who’s behind the success Dubsmash?

This application is under
Mobile developer Motion GmbH. Small developers origin Berlin, Germany, was driven by three key figures: Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke, and Daniel Taschik.

Referring to the report Mic, Dubsmash a third attempt Mobile Motion. But previous efforts have always failed and has successfully passed Dubsmash.

But beyond his success, Dubsmash save potential problems, especially about the license. Most of the sound clip in the service came from pieces of movies, songs, and so forth that may exist licensors.

Until now there has been no serious problems. But developers Dubsmash already thinking the worst possible in the future.

According to the developer Dubsmash, their employment policy is to reduce the notification. The notification will be the basis to remove content.