Detox New Ways of Reading News on Facebook

If you feel the content of Facebook is getting boring and you want to read the news on social media feeds, try to install add-ons (add-on) called Detox in the Chrome browser, Firefox, or Safari.

new way of reading news on facebookDetox is basically a browser extension that converts source content Facebook. These add-ons will detoxify Facebook feeds and raises more interesting content from a variety of sources such as Hacker News, Designer News, Product Hunt, Dribbble and others.

The easiest way to install Detox is to visit page that will automatically display a link in accordance with the browser that we use. Just follow the instructions displayed during the installation of add-on, then once installed immediately visit the Facebook page as usual.

Currently, this add-on installed perfectly, then on the left side of the Facebook page will be seen various news sources link where we can choose the news as you wish. Detox uses news sources of Panda, so it is not surprising that news sources are shown mostly intended for designers and developers.

One of the interesting features of Detox is its ability to be easily turned on and off whenever we want. Thus users can keep changing the style feed reading.

Detox also has mode “Auto Activation” which allows the user to mark the day and time when to start and end the detox. For example, during working hours Detox users can activate and then after work hours end users back to using Facebook as usual.

Users can also enable the “Randomize Feed” to display various news sources at random. But for the initial version, Detox contains only one source of feed only.

A user named Merlin Patterson commented Detox Detox presence by saying, “I like the idea Detox, but it seems there are some serious problems. These add-ons show only one source at a time. I want to see a mix of many feed.”

Ahmet Sulek as creator Detox said they were considering combining various feeds to be displayed and they also add a new feed source to be included in Detox, for example, the content of Reddit.