Compete with Google, Wikipedia Design Your Own Search Engine

wikipedia search engine

The parent company of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, reportedly has completed its plan to release a search engine.

Even so, companies from the United States dismissed rumors that the search engine would be similar to the Google search engine.

Wikimedia Foundation plans to develop the search engine had already leaked from a fund received $ 250 thousand from the foundation Knight. Known, they are targeting the US $ 2.5 million to create a sophisticated search engine.

The fund alleged that the ‘first’ to help Wikipedia. Meanwhile, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said the purpose of the creation of a search engine is to build a system for the collection of information from the encyclopedia on the Internet.

As a first step, the Wikimedia Foundation slowly will change the concept of Wikipedia. Later, Wikipedia will be changed from an online encyclopedia into a ‘portal’ untu open information society.

Not yet clear when the search engine will be completed. Reportedly, the project will take 12 months and ended in August 2016.