Cleaning Tips Smartphone Properly

Having a smartphone should be treated with care, the article when we soothe treatments on smartphones that we have will affect the short lifespan which is owned by our smartphones. Surely we do not want to have a smartphone that is not durable in the hand. Smartphone will be easy to get dirty, especially the activities we are inclined mostly outdoors and use a smartphone, has great potential to the degree of soiling smartphone.

cleaning smartphone

Therefore, it seems important to perform regular cleaning on the smartphone of impurities that threaten the life of our smart phones. However, there are still many users are hesitant and confused how to clean the smartphone correctly, will not even clean up but actually damage the smartphone when cleaning any way.

Therefore, notice of commentaries following smartphone contains tips for cleaning dirty, so we did not feel confused, can be done easily, then we do not need to go to a handyman service to clean up our smartphones. Here’s how:

1. How to Clean Screen

In general, smartphones and tablet PCs are now using the touch screen. The screen is certainly more sensitive than the regular screen. The correct way to clean the touch screen is to use a soft microfiber cloth. The fabric can be effective remove debris without causing scratches on the screen.

2. How to Clean Body

Keep in mind that how clean the body is different from a smartphone or tablet screen. You can use a regular soft cloth to clean the body. As for the narrow and difficult to reach, you can use the help bud swab used for cleaning ear.

3. How to Clean Software

In addition to doing the cleaning of the screen and the body of a smartphone or tablet PC, you also purge of the software such as throwing junk files that have been unused. You can use the help of applications such as CC Cleaner cleaner and much more.

That means that you can use to clean your smartphone or can also be done on the PC and other devices connected to the computer. How easy and simple it can at least make your smartphone protected from dirt and durable in the hand.