Causes and Solutions Facing Mobile Yang Hang Or Restart Alone

For those who are accustomed to using smartphones, must have been familiar with the words hang smartphone. Which means it can be smartphone suddenly died suddenly or order on a smartphone at all can not be done, the smartphone looks dead in the session, it was called a hang. Do you know what causes the smartphone experience such circumstances?

Causes and Solutions Facing Mobile Yang Hang Or Restart AloneHere are some of the causes why hp frequent hangs and restarts itself:

Overload CPU usage, RAM Memory and GPU, Hardware is already weak, the performance drop (age hp) and the load too much. Software or application crashes

However, in addition to the cause, here we also have to provide how to cope hp often hangs and restarts itself:

Reduce the load on the mobile phone

Remove applications running in the background process
Hard reset or factory reset

Overload CPU usage, RAM memory and the GPU, is a Keadaa that you frequently use applications that need CPU and RAM memory that run simultaneously and hardware hp you can not afford to run the application that hangs directly or die alone. On the other hand that over time and the life of the phone hardware will not be able to work with the maximum or decreased performance. If not for Overload and weak hardware, the application software crashes usually occur, could be caused due to imperfect installation, software updates, etc.

Keep in mind that any chat applications and social networks such as Facebook, FB Messenger, BBM, WhatsApp, Line, Hangout, KakaoTalk, etc would mengguras performance of your hp, use only as needed, it is possible that the game also had its share is causing your hp often hangs and restart.