Carefully Scams Disguised As Netflix


After launching video streaming services to more than 190 countries around the world, Netflix growing popularity skyrocketed. However it is used by a number of hackers are irresponsible.

Security company Symantec says it has observed malware and phishing attacks that target user information Netflix. The details are then added to the burgeoning black market, providing cheaper access to the service.

One of malware attacks use malicious files disguised as Netflix software on the compromised computer desktop. These files are downloaders and after the execution, opening the Netflix homepage as bait and silently download Infostealer Banload.

Banload steal banking information from infected computers. The Trojan is mostly used in Brazil. The files posing as Netflix infiltrate via downloads or drive by downloads are unintentional.

Instead, the files are mostly downloaded by users who have been fooled by false advertisements or offers access to free or cheaper prices for Netflix.

Phishing attacks

In addition to smuggle malware, hackers are also targeting the Netflix user with trying to steal their login credentials via phishing attacks. Subscribe to Netflix allows one and four users use the same account. This allows attackers riding on a user’s subscriptions without their knowledge.

In this phishing attack, the hacker directs users to a fake Netflix site to trick users into providing login credentials, personal information, and details of their payment card. This tactic is commonly used, in which cyber criminals are still using them every day.

Symantec observed a phishing attack Netflix launched on January 21 to users in Denmark. These phishing emails try to trick users into believing that their Netflix accounts need to be updated because of a problem with their monthly payments.

“The email was sent from netflix @fakt [redacted] .com with the subject` Opdater Betalingsinformation`. The link that is sent through the mail is not active anymore, “said Symantec through its official statement.

This generator maker regularly update their database with new accounts and disable accounts that can not be used anymore.

Buyers can use this software for themselves on their own or resell account is taken of the black market.


To avoid this, Symantec advises users only to download the Netflix app from official sources.

Additionally, do not easily trust deals Netflix service for free or at a cheaper price, because they may contain harmful files or data theft.