Business at Home, Women’s Gets $ 250 Thousand


Although running a business from home, Kim Springer was able to reap the benefits of more than US $ 250,000.

Springer had worked as an assistant in a health care office in New York, then resigned from his job because he wanted to be closer to his son. Her husband works as a designer in an advertising agency.

“I want to do something, do not just stay at home,” said Springer.

He started his business several projects, including make websites for health industry professionals and create an online community. 42-year-old woman was also making up for Tyler Perry’s Madea character which drew more than 30,000 fans.

When he wants to learn internet marketing, her husband was fired after 10 years of working as an office of the advertising agency went bankrupt. Her husband wants to go back to work on the field, but the advertising industry has changed drastically. Her husband took the course, and he focused on blogging.

Mounting credit card bills, with the rest of the money $ 500 in his account, he tried to internet marketing course.

Her friend introduced her to the social commerce site called Teespring, which allows it to sell their own T-shirts.

His success began when he sells tea through the website in 2014 ago. Now the tea is preferred over dri 100,000.

The first year, he worked every day, waking up in the morning and serve customers online first. To build community, he responded to the request, conducting research alone who the new design.

Springer has now enjoying the fruits of his hard work. He also suggested to start with what you know, such as if you want to sell shirts, then you should at least know the market of shirts that you sell.