Apple Releases 3 Variants Apple Watch

Apple Watch in fairly well resonate with fans of the product itself. Similarly, the clock smarter than other brands that carry the Android operating system on their smart hour. As one of the wearable device from Apple.

3 variants Apple WatchBut this time Apple released back their hours of artificial intelligent, who took one of the leading brands in the fashion world, Hermes. Trademarks are from Paris, France is also engaged in the field of jewelry. There are 3 variants of Apple Watch released this time.

All three variants include, The Single Tour, The Double Tour, and The Cuff. Third difference lies in the form of a strap attached, and the size of the whole width. For The Single Tour, strap used a strap similar to a watch strap mostly use. For this variant, the colors available are Noir, Fauvre, and Cupucine, while the size of the screen include 38mm and 42mm.

Unlike the previous variants, this time Apple Watch wrapped with a long strap, and can be wound up twice. However, the choice options available screen size is only 38mm, with a choice of color Etain, Fauve, Capucin, and Bleu Jean.

The latter is the Cuff, strap on a variant form is very different from the two previous variants, it can be seen that the size of the strap at this hour is greater than others. However, for those who have large hands, apparently a variant of this one hour is suitable.

Speaking of the price, for all three variants earlier, Apple fix the price of $ 1,100 for the variant The Single Tour. As for the variants of The Double Tour rewarded $ 1,250.