Apparently Facebook boss Color Blind

Perhaps until now many are asking, why the social networking site facebook is always synonymous with the color blue. Blue is the color that is enough to dominate in every part of the social network display.

facebook dominated by blueSo, why CEO Mark Zuckerberg chose the color blue? Apparently, the young millionaire Mark the red and green color blind. And the color turns blue it thinks best.

“I can see all the blue,” he said in an interview with The New Yorker, as reported from

Zuckerberg answer sounds simple, and even tend to perfunctory. But according to research, the selection of colors that can affect a particular emotion for someone who saw it.

Including blue, which can affect a person’s decision to buy a product or service.

Research also proves that the human senses in the most extremely powerful is the vision, this means 90 percent of normal if judged by the color vision assessment.

Meanwhile, the blue color including color, which could give the impression of calm, credible, and reliable. It turns out the color selection in a brand, is quite affecting imagery.