Android emoji design will be more human

Although performed with cartoon style cute designs, some users apparently still complaining about the Android emoji display. Because, when juxtaposed with iOS emoji, emoji forms are present in green robot operating system is certainly very different.

If emoji iOS devices with design realistic, emoji Android is still packed with smiley design rigid and too childish. Seeing this, Google finally announced that it will innovate to change the design emoji become more realistic, just like in iOS emoji.

Redesign of this new emoji will be present in full on the Android operating system N.

Later, the design team Emoji Android will change the row emoji seem more “human”, a cartoon-style touch Android emoji will still be present in order not to be separated from the characteristic design of the Android emoji characters.

Google showed off a handful of emoji that they flatten on his blog page. For example in the following police emoji, emoji old shows a yellow smiley with a police cap. While emoji new design shows the human character with police hat.

So even with emoji dancing, where the old emoji shows a yellow creature round as if to dance, transformed into a man with a suit that is being demonstrated dance.

In addition to overhauling the design of emoji, Google reportedly will also feature a variety of skin color in emoji. This implementation is actually already been done by Apple last year.