7 Tricks secret optimize the performance of the iPhone

iphone 6It can’t be denied, the iPhone is an impressive mobile device with hundreds of features that are already known by many users, or else remained hidden.

This time, I sense to review some tips and tricks that will certainly help you to maximize the capabilities and features of the ‘hidden’ in the iPhone.

What are the features that you do not realize hidden in the iPhone? Without any great length, here is his review.

1. Lock Apps with Guided Access feature

Like most other iPhone users, I often faced with a situation where the iPhone is used forced used to play games or other entertainment by friends, family until young nephew.

Through Guided Access feature, you can lock certain applications and prevent users other than you to use the Home button, Sleep, and Volume.

To find Guided Access, open the Settings menu> General> Accessibility> Guided Access.

2. Select Multiple Photos

In the Photos app, you can select multiple photos at the same time by sweeping your iPhone screen with your finger over the thumbnail.

To use this feature, go to the Photos folder in the application and choose Select. After that, you just select which photo you want to delete the iPhone screen with a finger sweep.

3. Display Desktop in Safari

To access the desktop display in the Safari browser, you only need to hold the refresh button in the URL address field to show options Request Desktop Site.

4. Forced Refresh App Store

Never experienced a state in which the display App Store does not appear? If yes, then you can press any tab in the App Store as many as 10 times to force the application to refresh the display.

5. Mark Screenshots and Photos

In the Photos application, you can add captions to the photos or screenshots with text up to with a magnifying glass. To do this, open the Photos app, select a photo or screenshot and tap the Edit button to enter the editing mode.

From here, tap the button given three dots (…) that appears at the top left of the screen to bring up the options and select the Photo Editor Markup.

6. Close All Tabs in Safari

For those of you who frequently browse in iPhone browser, Safari. This is one of the tips that do debuted in iOS 10.

If you want to close all tabs in Safari, you just need to press and hold the button switcher and select Close Tabs.

7. Remove Entire Application of Memory

Your iPhone is getting slow performance? If yes, then it is time you remove the entire application operates.

To do this, you only need to press and hold the Sleep button until the Slide to power off button.

Remove the Sleep button, then press and hold the Home button until iOS automatically return to the Home screen. Upon return to the Home screen, you will be aware of all the applications that use RAM performance has been turned off forcibly.