5 Startup CEO prettiest in United States

The United States has won a series of startup with a variety of creative products and services. Of course, it helped financially, especially to improve the financial condition of the country. Well, when talking about the startup in the United States, it appeared that some of them owned by women beautiful and sexy.

CEO of startup in the United States, a small portion is a beautiful woman. In fact, there is also the CEO of a startup that comes from the artist. Needless to length, the following five prettiest startup CEO in the United States, as quoted from BussinessInsider.

1. Jessica Alba

jessica alba

Jessica Alba is an actress, a mother, as well as startup entrepreneurs. He has founded a startup called The Honest which is a leading provider of baby products. Alba set up the startup, because he then had difficulty finding environmentally friendly baby products.

“I want a clean, safe, and affordable products that are beautifully designed. Unfortunately, I can not find it in the market,” said Jessica Alba.

The Honest make and sell nontoxic diapers, cleaning products, prenatal supplements, and books. The company also has received funding of up to $ 220 million.

2. Kathryn Minshew

Kathryn Minshew and Alex is the founder of a startup Cavoulacos The Muse. Startup is a job search sites in the United States. This year, The Muse received funding from Ventures, DBL Partners, Great Oaks Venture Capital Partners and QED Investors up to $ 12.8 million. In fact, job search startup has already received 3 million active users each month and compete with LinkedIn and Monster.com.

3. Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder Tinder which then creates a startup Bumble shortly after he left the company. Bumble itself is a dating site that only allows women to be in control in every date.

In just over one year, Bumble already has more than 5 million conversations initiated by women, and 15 percent growth every week.

4. Christina Mercando

Startup belonging to Christina Mercando named Ringly brings touch technology on a 18 karat gold ring. Thus, the gold ring will be connected with a smartphone and will vibrate and light up when there is a notice.

He can cram technology into the world of fashion, thanks to the lessons learned Mercando received during and computer art at Carnegie Mellon. Currently, Ringly has received funding from various parties, including Andreessen Horowitz and Social Capital for $ 6.1 million.

5. Payal Kadakia

Payal Kadakia, a woman sexy berbodi ClassPass startup owners. This startup offers a service of fitness, ranging from fitness, pure barre, to yoga. In fact, ClassPass has received funding of $ 400 million by General Catalyst Partners and Thrive Capital.