5 Reasons Opera Browser Decent Used in Windows

Officially Microsoft has announced that as of January 12, it will stop support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10. Impact, there will be no interruption repair or security support for all three versions of Internet Explorer mentioned.

opera web browser

After stopping the update for Microsoft Internet Explorer was third, certainly many users are trying to find an alternative browser for the computer. To that end, here are five reasons why Opera Browser fit for use in Windows.

1. Opera is a very fast browser

Not long ago, based on an independent test conducted by PC World, bagged the title of fastest browser Opera. Therefore, try it yourself and see how quickly the Opera.

2. Opera keep users safe online

Opera can protect users from Web threats. In fact, the latest version of Opera, users will receive automatic updates with the latest features and fixes security systems.

3. Opera has attractive appearance

Opera makes the display is an important aspect. Therefore, the Opera has reliably designers, who designed the Opera user interface. Uniquely, users can give a touch of personal style by changing the theme of the Opera.

4. Opera is easily adjusted

More than 2,000 extensions the user can choose to be added as extra features, such as social networking notifications and sidebar notes.

5. Special features

There is one special feature that can only be found in Opera, such as Opera Turbo. This feature makes browsing faster, even in a slow network connection. Not only that, there are also display news feeds that have been redesigned, which presents articles of interest to the user.