5 Laptops most unique with extraordinary abilities

Laptops may have become one of the devices shall be owned by the current. The portable computer device supports the needs of mobile users to continue to work.

But, you know turns between laptops are common on the market there are some laptops that have design and other capabilities of the other. Starting from a laptop equipped with resilient to the special cooling dock.

Intrigued by the unique laptop. Here are 5 unique laptop:

1. MSI GT80 Titan

When will use a laptop, users can not expect to get the quality and the size of the keyboard like a keyboard on a PC. This was due to a laptop keyboard clearly tailored to the size of the device itself.

But not with a laptop is made by MSI, the MSI GT80 Titan. Instead of using the keyboard that are tailored to its size, this laptop immerse similar additional keyboard PC keyboard, complete with mouse.

The presence of this mechanical keyboard is consistent with the goal of MSI GT80 Titan namely gamers. With the same experience like a PC keyboard, obviously gamers will be helped even make it heavier laptop.

2. Asus ROG GX700

As the name implies, a laptop made by Asus is targeting gamers heavyweight. So, what makes it different from other similar laptop? The presence of liquid cooling systems are becoming the answer.

Maybe it feels normal cooling system, but not with the Asus ROG GX700. The cooling system of this laptop is a special dock that can cool ‘innards’ laptop while in use.

Although basically a laptop can still work normally without a cooling dock. The use of this additional cooling system to prevent overheating due to the graphics card be used for too long.

3. Dragonfly Futurfön

When viewing a laptop, maybe some people call it a laptop 2 in 1. This type allows a device can function as a tablet or laptop.

But in fact this laptop can turn itself into a multiple computer devices. One screen can run Windows and other screen running Android.

This was made possible when there are two Dragonfly Futurfön connected. Currently, a unique laptop is still in the development phase after successful funding campaign on Indiegogo held in 2014.

4. The Getac B300-X

This laptop offers performance backed toughness material forces the laptop. How not, Geta B300-X is equipped with most new innards from Intel, plus a high-quality magnesium alloy for its body.

Not only that, Getac B300-X is also supported capacity exceeds similar laptop batteries. It is possible, because the laptop is equipped with a dual battery configuration that enables charging up to twice the normal, which is about 30 hours of usage.

Another interesting thing was Getac B300- X is this laptop has a function like a server running a supported screen. The nickname was not without reason that this laptop can save up to 5 hard drives at once.

5. Sherlock 4: 4

Once viewing a laptop made by Acme Portable is certainly not a few people were stunned. Gahar design with a black body appearance, this laptop has impressive capabilities confirmed qualified.

It is also adapted to function as a laptop aimed at working device for a digital forensics expert. Equipped with 4 replacement hard drive directly, users do not need to be bothered when it runs out of memory.

However, for those who often carrying a laptop with a normal weight, may feel inconvenient. How not, this laptop has a weight of 12 kg, while most laptops have a weight of 1.8 kg.