5 Features iOS 10 secrets unknown

apple ios 10Apple held an annual event called the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote in 2016 with some interesting, among others, MacOS and iOS 10.

Through keynote at the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook shows the latest features in iOS 10 such notifications better, new look Apple Music, Siri is smarter, and more.

However, there are some features that Cook and his team did not get mentioned in the keynote. Here are five features that ultimate Tekno team Liputan6.com summarize for you a loyal user iOS.

1. Default Applications Can Be Removed

Many users of iOS devices must have “hide” the native iOS application into a special folder so as not to interfere. Although not visible, does not mean that the iOS native application does not suck up storage capacity loh.

To give freedom to users, at 10 iOS users can now freely remove most of the default application in addition to Messages, Phone, Safari and App Store.

Keep in mind, removing the iOS native app will disable certain functions in your iOS device.

2. Voice Keyboard

Remember the sound of keyboard when you’re typing on your iOS device? Shown with a distinctive sound, a lot of you must turn off the sound when typing.

Although not a major change, it would be interesting if the sound while typing keyboard on iOS devices iOS sounds different from the previous series.

3. Format RAW photos

You who love taking photos with your iOS device will certainly be satisfied with the new features in iOS Apple stretcher 10. Not only take photos in RAW format, 10 iOS users will also be able to edit the shots.

For your information, RAW format image data is uncompressed and have a lot more image data. RAW format is widely used by photographers as easily editable as anything. To date there has been no iPhone or iPad that is capable of taking photos in RAW format.

4. Applications Bedtime, Wake Alarm and Stopwatch New

Clock app on iOS 10 get a few changes and additions in the features. Later, in the application will appear Bedtime features and Wake Alarm. At Bedtime Alarm, you can set the time when you sleep.

The Wake Alarm will help you to wake up on time every day. When the current stopwatch displays numbers in digital form, will adopt the new Stopwatch analog display.

5. Optimizing Storage

IOS users must have experienced a dilemma when storage on iOS devices are not sufficient. To overcome this, Apple introduced iOS features 10 ‘Optimize Storage’.

By turning on this feature, iOS 10 will automatically delete the music that has not been heard on your iOS device.