3 Tips for Success Find Ideal Couple in Tinder


Tinder is already installed, but still can not pair well? Maybe there is something wrong on the way you play the online dating application.

Social media etiquette expert Daniel Post Senning expressed his views about the habits of people ‘find a partner’ in Tinder.

The man who works at the Emily Post Institute and author of “Manners in a Digital World” was also given tips on how to Tinder users can match with a desirable partner

. “Tinder is an application that is informal. However, users have to really have a good dating etiquette,” says Senning.

First, Post Senning explained, Tinder is a photo-based application, which users are interested in seeing photos potential mates rather than description.

“If you want to meet a partner, try uploading photos of interesting. Interesting here does not mean full make up. Photos uploaded to rigorously original photograph you. So when met later, there was no sense of disappointment,” he said.

Second, continued Post Senning, users can also add additional information Tinder profile, such as a place to work, where the graduates or show mutual friends.

“Otherwise, potential mates will think you are just idly looking at Tinder friend and not interested in meeting in real life,” he explained.

Next, when a ‘match’ quick chat prospective partner. “You do not need to reply quickly, but do not wait an hour or two as well. Set groove conversations to be increasingly intense and increasingly familiar,” she said.

“Third, when you want to send a message to prospective partners, do not start with a standard sentence such as ‘hi’, ‘heyy’ or ‘hi’. Look at the profile of prospective mate download information that can be used, and send something that fit the profile users, “added Senning.

For example, if a potential mate likes to listen to the Beatles’ song, you can use the phrase “I also like I Am The Walrus (one of the songs The Beatles, ed.). What’s your favorite Beatles song? Do not forget to include smiley.

Three tips Post Senning is claimed to be the basic way that could help users get an ideal potential partner.

“We must show creativity and unique interaction. It sought a potential partner in order not boring when you see you later,” she concluded.