3 Reasons Why You Mandatory Remove Application Snapchat

What you Snapchat app users? If yes, you should start thinking to remove Snapchat from your device, especially on Android-based devices.

According to a report released by security company AVG, there are at least three (3) reasons why you shall remove Snacphat on Android-based devices.

The report was compiled from survey performed to millions of users of Android devices around the world anonymously. A third reason, consider the following presentation.

1. Snapchat make slow Android

Who would have thought, Snapchat occupies the top position in the list of Android apps that make slow. In that list, Snapchat “beat” online shopping application Amazon Shopping UK edition, Spotify streaming music apps, instant messaging and VoIP applications Line, as well as utility applications Clean Master.

2. Snapchat greedy internet data quota

Not only making slow, Snapchat also ranks second in the list of applications that consume a lot of internet data quota after Netflix. In the list, Snapchat “get rid of” Tumblr, BBC News application, and utility applications Clean Master.

3. Snapchat battery power hungry

The above already mentioned that Snapchat make Android slow and greedy internet data quota. According to reports AVG, it turns out also thirsty Snapchat battery power.

In the category of Android-hungry applications on battery power, Snapchat perched in second place after Samsung WatchON, and “outperform” Shopping online shopping application Amazon UK edition, Microsoft Outlook email application, and the application of BBC News.