12 How to avoid data theft from hackers

security dataInternet has significantly changed the way people doing activities, at least in the last 10 years. Currently the Internet has become a means of storing a variety of information, ranging from personal, business, including finance.

Ease of access offered by the Internet is an added value cyberspace become the choice of most people wearing them. On the one hand, the issue of security is a crucial issue that is faced by Internet users today.

Nevertheless, it does not mean users can not secure data and information on the internet. Here are 12 ways to avoid data theft from hackers on the Internet.

1. Remove personal information from social media profiles

Personal information such as home address, phone number, and the job should be immediately removed from the column profiles on social media. That information is enough for hackers to attack you.

In addition, immediately get rid of friends who do not really you know from the list of friends. Then update your information in the profile section to no longer put up information that is too personal.

2. Use a variety of passwords

To ensure a tested strength password, be sure not to use the same password for multiple accounts. It is dangerous because when people know the password of an account, it can open another account.

Additionally, you should not use personal information as a password. Selection of such a combination would clearly facilitate the attacker knows the password that is used.

3. Always monitor security settings on social media

One of the measures to strengthen security in social media is to always pay attention to back the existing arrangement. The move was necessary to always know if there is a rule change security of social media.

If there is a change of setting security, it could not hurt to reset the security settings that are owned. Thus, it can improve security and privacy of your online data.

4. Note the privacy settings on your phone

One to prevent other people know where you are by turning off location services on GPS. In this way, others certainly would not be able to track your current location.

Actually, the use of GPS is used several applications to support more accurate performance. For that, consider also the security of applications that require access to your GPS.

5. Be careful with emails unknown

The technology used by spam emails are now more sophisticated. Therefore, always be careful when receiving emails from unknown senders.

Moreover, if the email was then asked for account information or information, because now there was a bit of a malicious email that looks like email in general. For that reason, always make sure the sender of an incoming email before it opened.

6. Ensure the security of the network used

This condition can go both ways. First, when you connect to public Wi-Fi could not hurt always ensure that network security and do not access personal information considered to be essential.

In addition, always make sure to create a password for your device that is used to share Internet network. It was necessary to prevent someone arbitrarily connected to your Wi-Fi devices.

7. Always watch your transactions

One of the advantages of the internet is simplify your financial transactions. However, that does not mean it’s flawless ease. One is a security hole which at times can be accessed by others.

Therefore, after conducting online transactions not hurt the monitor back on your transaction list. Thus, if there are suspicious transaksasi there is a possibility someone has broken into your bank account.

8. Use the best security software and constantly updated

This advice applies to the use of a smartphone or computer. By using good security software, you can bet your device one step safer than devices that do not use it.

Not only that, the software must also be updated regularly. It needs to be done to ensure the security software always aware of the latest threats and unable to cope.

9. Always pay attention to the site with the address https://

The letter ‘s’ after http link means is secure, which means secure. Therefore, before entering personal information make sure the sites visited using the prefix https: //.

Thus, it can be ascertained that site already has security features to ensure that the information included in it.

10. Use multiple email addresses

One way of preventing the account is misused is to have multiple email addresses for various needs. One email address can be used to send letters, while the other addresses to be registered on other sites such as social media.

This method can prevent hackers from getting your personal information when already succeeded in uncovering the email address used. Not only that, you can also have a backup email when there are unexpected needs.

11. Take advantage of the use of login notifications

Some sites will automatically send a notification when you access it from a different IP address. This notification is required to ensure that the user is actually when you will enter the site.

This method does not prevent hacking, but at least you can tell if there is activity that is not known just happened. It can prevent others irresponsible utilize your information.

12. Turn on two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is a little inconvenient for users who frequently access a site, such as social media. Therefore, this step requires a PIN number which is sent to the phone number before you enter the account on a website.

Nevertheless, in this way include that offer better security in a simple way. At least no one will be responsible fit easily in your own account without being noticed.