10 Best performing Smartphone

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AnTuTu Benchmark as a benchmark measurement platform is often released the list of best performing smartphone each year. It was also done by releasing a list of the best smartphones for 2016 was launched recently.

So, who the winner of the highest-performing smartphone in 2016? Quoted from the iPhone 7 Plus turned out to be the winner for 2016 with a record average value of measurement results of 181 316.

The success of the iPhone 7 Plus was touted not be separated from the A10 chipset performance is better than its predecessor, A9. Apple increasingly cemented the position with the presence of the iPhone 7 which is in second place with a score of 172 001.

While the third position is filled by OnePlus 3T record average value 163 013. The increase of the chipset performed on the successor OnePlus OnePlus 3 is referred helped boost the performance of the smartphone.

In addition to the list of best performing smartphones in 2016, AnTuTu also divide it by the greatest operating system, namely Android and iOS. However, in the list is the name of Samsung which is one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

For iOS operating system, the device received the highest average score of the iPad Pro (12.9 inches) with a value of 194 838. As for the operating system Android, OnePlus 3T still topped performing smartphone capable.

In a statement, AnTuTu also mention that all devices in this list has been tested up to 2,000 times. In addition to displaying the results of a more accurate estimate, there are a number of adjustments made these services.

Curious, any smartphone series with the best performance in 2016? Here is the full list. Is your smartphones on this list?

10 best performing Smartphone 2016

1. iPhone 7 Plus
2. iPhone 7
3. OnePlus 3T
4. Leeco Le Pro3
5. Moto Z
6. OnePlus 3
7. Xiaomi Mi 5s
8. Asus Zenfone 3
9. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus
10. Axon ZTE 7