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I say buying Tablets Under 200 is a smart choice! Contrary to popular belief a higher price tag doesn’t always signify a better product. Swept away by the trend of buying expensive tablets a lot of people don’t really understand why they are paying more. There are a few products that do have features to match their higher price tag. However, some of the expensive models only have superficial features having a similar hardware capability to that of a cheaper model. This is exactly why we aim to bring you tablets under 200 Dollars, encouraging you to go for models that are value for money. Our site features different brands including Apple,Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Samsung, Blackberry, Asus, and many more. We understand the value of your hard earned money. That’s why we are sourcing you to the best online retailer to get branded tablets which are priced below $200. We aim to bring you tablets that are decently priced and are packed with features. Hope you already have brand in your mind and find the best tablets under $200 out of the following list of brands. I will say be patient and browse, am damn sure you will find what you are looking for!!


Brand wise list of Tablets Under 200

Acer(176 tablets)

Amazon(702 tablets)

Apple(751 tablets)

Archos(100 tablets)

ASUS(512 tablets)

Barnes & Noble(270 tablets)

BlackBerry(120 tablets)

Cisco(10 tablets)

Coby(172 tablets)

Dell(154 tablets)

Fujitsu(12 tablets)

HP(172 tablets)

HTC(11 tablets)

Huawei(5 tablets)

Lenovo(156 tablets)

LG(28 tablets)

Maylong Group(17 tablets)

Microsoft(56 tablets)

Motion Computing(39 tablets)

Motorola(77 tablets)

Nokia(20 tablets)

Pandigital(79 tablets)

Samsung(1,036 tablets)

Sony(14 tablets)

Toshiba(56 tablets)

Unbranded/Generic(1,171 tablets)

Velocity Micro(49 tablets)

ViewSonic(20 tablets)

Zenithink(7 tablets)

Not Specified(7,131 tablets)


How To Choose A Tablet?

tablets under 200

Although we feature hundreds of different models with different features and price tags we don’t want to choose a tablet for you. However, we do want to arm you with the basic knowledge of buying a tablet. This is because our motive is not just sell tablets under 200 Dollars but also to help you choose a quality product that you will be satisfied with. To help you buy smarter, here’s our list of 3 things you should look for before buying a tablet.

Operating System: When it comes to choosing a tablet one of the first questions is which operating system should go for. The choices are Windows, Android, and Apple iOS. There are no definite winners as each of these operating system has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Talking about the advantages, Windows OS is fully compatible with other Windows operating systems, making it compatible with most desktops and laptops. Google’s Android on the other hand is one of the most popular tablet operating system and gives access to a lot of free apps. However, when it comes to sheer number of apps, Apple iOs beats them all. Featuring more than 200,000 apps it brings a whole lot of versatility to the table.

Memory and Processing Speed: Much like a computer, the hardware features plays a key role in the overall performance and speed of tablets. Today’s apps demand much more processing power and memory than they used to few years back. Therefore buying a low performance device can give rise to future compatibility issues. You should be looking at models with at least 1 Ghz processing speed and 1 GB memory.

Brand: It’s important to go for brand that’s reputed for their manufacturing standard and quality. There are some cheap models that look great on paper but are plagued with performance issues and bugs. This is why it’s best to choose tablets that are manufactured by major companies such as Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Asus, and Acer.

Now that you know what to look for, go ahead and browse through all the models and select a tablet that’s perfect for you. Remember buying tablets under 200 doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality and features.

(Photo Courtesy – Tony Maro)